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Artist Statement

I create one of a kind garments and accessories combining contemporary hand painted designs, elegant fabrics and timeless silhouettes.

Each of my garments is unique. I produce individual surface designs on the fabrics of my garments through hand painting, applying discharge, devoré, resists, and washes. Each piece of fabric is treated like a blank canvas on which my ideas and inspirations are portrayed. Painting each piece of fabric individually allows me to not only design an elegant garment, but also a wearable work of art.

All of my garments and accessories begin as a solid white piece of fabric. I stretch each piece like a canvas and hand paint it using fiber reactive dyes. The fabric is then steam set and washed. I then cut and sew each piece of fabric into the garment or scarf you see at my home studio, I have no employees or assistants to do the work for me. This assures that every piece is truly one of a kind and created by my own hand.

Painting on fabric has allowed me to transform the images of the world I see around me into functional works of art. Throughout my life I have always been intrigued by form, color and design. I continue to try and find new ways to manipulate the fabric and express my impressions of the world around me. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the work and dedication that goes into each garment.


Hans and Abby clamp dying silk scarves

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